Many people question the value of a home inspection. Buying a house in the Washington D.C. area can be a lengthy, costly, and sometimes competitive process. A home inspection sometimes feels like just an extra step. Is it really worth it? We at ProTec Inspection Services want to give you four reasons why you need a residential inspection when buying your Washington D.C. home.

1. Arm yourself with more knowledge.

When you’re buying a house, you want to ask questions—a lot of them. However, you can only ask the realtor or seller so much. If the seller didn’t get a pre-listing inspection, they may not even know the full condition of the property. A home inspection gives you more info about a potential property than a walk-through alone.

2. Protect yourself against poor real-estate decisions.

If a home inspector finds an issue with your potential home, you want to know about it and be able to proceed with caution. You may decide it’s a big enough issue that you want to back out of the deal and keep looking. Or, you may feel that the home is worth the repairs and decide to move forward. Either way, you want to protect your real estate investment and proceed wisely.

3. Use the home inspection for negotiations.

You may be able to use needed home repairs as a tool for further negotiations with the seller. The seller may be willing to pay for the repair or drop the purchase price in order to compensate for repairs you will have to make to the home. But, you first need a home inspection to know whether repairs are necessary. Only then can you and your realtor decide whether it’s worth going back to the negotiation table.

4. Anticipate future repairs.

The property may not have any immediate repairs that need to be done. However, our home inspectors can often estimate how much life is left in the home’s major systems, such as the HVAC, roof, water heater, and so on. This information is helpful so these future repairs don’t catch you off guard.

Have we convinced you to get a home inspection? Want to learn more about our residential inspection or specialty inspection services? If so, contact ProTec Inspection Services at (301) 972-8531. We are a Maryland-based business that also serves areas in or around Washington D.C. and Virginia. Check out if we serve your area, and schedule your inspection today.

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