Washington DC Residential InspectionPurchasing a home in Washington, D.C. is no small investment. You want to be sure you choose your new home with care and do your due diligence. Part of making a wise choice is choosing a reliable home inspector. For the very best in the area, you need ProTec Inspection Services, and here’s why.


We have been in business since 1986, and our team has completed more than 18,000 inspections since our doors first opened. Time and time again, our customers have raved about their ProTec experience. In fact, you may have been referred to us by one of our satisfied customers. Throughout Washington D.C., our reputation as a professional and reliable residential inspection company precedes us.


At ProTec, we know that family should come first, which is why you need a reliable, professional home inspector. You want to make a wise real-estate investment, and you need someone on your side who can help you assess the overall condition of the property or conduct a specialty inspection. Our trained and certified inspector team can help you gather information so you can make an informed decision about a property.

Top-of-the-Line Technology

From infrared cameras to other testing equipment, we make sure our inspectors use the latest and greatest home inspection technologies. We don’t just take a quick peak. We do our best to look long and hard at a property so we don’t miss any major issues or concerns, and our equipment helps us do just that.

Customer Service

From our 200% Guarantee to how we interact with clients, we make customer service a top priority. In fact, unlike many residential inspection companies, our office has extended hours so you can always reach a staff person until about 10 p.m. each night.

And More

We have mentioned just a few of the things that set ProTec Inspection Services apart from the pack, but if you need a few more reasons, we can give them to you. To find out more about us or our inspection services, contact ProTec at (301) 972-8531. You can also schedule an inspection online anytime.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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