Are you buying a home in Montgomery County in Maryland? Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you’ve made a few real-estate transactions in your time, you want to make sure you hire a professional, thorough residential home inspector. Your ability to make solid real-estate decisions depends on it!

We at ProTec Inspection Services in Maryland recommend that you choose a home inspector before you decide on a home. That way, you aren’t pressured or anxious about selecting someone when you’re under contract. Here are a few tips for hiring a quality home inspector.

1. Gather references.

Ask your friends, family members, or co-workers for recommendations or feedback. If you’re new to Montgomery County, check customer reviews or service-review websites.

2. Narrow down your options.

Make a list of five to seven home inspectors you want to consider. Remember this list is your starting point. As you proceed with your search process, cross off obvious non-contenders.

3. Check the home inspector’s websites.

Your first stop should be the home inspection company’s website. See what information you can find and what questions you have. Check out their credentials as well as customer reviews.

4. Schedule three interviews.

If possible, interview the home inspector in person. Prepare a list of questions and bring it with you. During the interview, be sure to pay attention to the inspector’s level of professionalism and communication skills. Ask about past work and what’s included in the home inspection or what type of specialty inspections they offer.

5. Select your home inspector.

Go with your gut instincts and the information you’ve gathered. You want to choose a reputable home inspector with whom you feel comfortable. After choosing your inspector, you can be confident about moving forward with buying your Maryland home.

Be sure to consider ProTec Inspection Services in your search for a home inspector. Contact us at (301) 972-8531 to hear more about our residential home inspection process, specialty inspections, or our home inspection team.

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