Residential InspectionThe home-buying experience can be fraught with twists and turns. If you’re in the process of purchasing a home, you may feel like you’re ready to just get off that roller coaster. You may even be tempted to skip the home inspection just to move things along. However, our crew here at ProTec Inspection Services is here to tell you that it’s just not worth it—and here’s why.

1. Protect your investment.

The residential inspection gives you a wealth of information about the house that you would not have otherwise had. Because you’re putting quite a bit of your financial security into that piece of Montgomery County, MA, property, you need to know everything you can about it. That way, you can know what you will need to put into it or (in a worst case scenario) whether you need to walk away.

2. Gain leverage.

Contract negotiations don’t have to end at the purchase price. After getting a home inspection, you can then request that the sellers make necessary repairs or even adjust the purchase price. If a high-dollar repair surfaces during the inspection, you may even gain ground to walk away from the contract without penalty. Your realtor will help you navigate those waters, but know that without a home inspection, you don’t have information on your side.

3. Understand what’s ahead.

The more you know about the house, the better you can prepare for the future. For example, a home inspector will be able to give you important details about the house, such as the age of the water heater or how soon you should replace the roof. While this information may not be grounds to request seller reparations, it is at least information to help you plan for the future of your new home.

Convinced yet? If you’re ready to schedule your residential inspection, contact ProTec Inspection Services today at (301) 972-8531, or schedule an inspection online at your convenience. You can also opt to add mold testing, a termite inspection, or any of our other specialty inspections at that time. ProTec proudly serves the home buyers in and around Montgomery County, MA, or the greater Washington, D.C., area.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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