Our company ProTec Inspection Services does about 18-25 home inspections a day. That’s far more than any other company in the area and in the top 5 in the country. 

It is critical to our operation that each of our 15 inspectors and 2 trainees and 20 other support staff be trained at a very high level to do things exactly the same way every time.  To ensure the best possible outcome, each inspector is tested and evaluated on a regular basis. It’s not cheap. We understand our reputation as the number one home inspection company in the area hinges on it. 

We recognize the home is the biggest single purchase our clients will ever make. We know there is nothing more important to our clients than the protection of their family. 

Customer Service Is The Key To A Great Home Inspection

ProTec believes in the Disney approach.  We do what is expected and then blow our clients away going above and beyond. Everything in our business is everyone’s job and customer service is job one. 

My wife and I were at a restaurant the other night (Restaurant to be kept nameless).
It was late and there were only a few diners at the time. We were only a few feet from the bar where the bartender was standing there watching TV. Rather than come over to ask if he could get us anything or fetching a server he just continued watching the TV ignoring us for about 10 minutes till we said something. At that point he walked away without saying a word to get someone to help us.
In our business he wouldn’t have lasted a week. In our business regardless of his position, he would have tried to help immediately or get someone that could.

The ProTec Difference

Our employees think of themselves as part owners and in fact they are through our revenue sharing program. We do everything we can to help our employees achieve their dreams in life and expect the same in return. Our team members are hired with the idea that by performing at a level beyond all of our competition our business will thrive.  They know we will reciprocate by helping them succeed beyond their imaginations and it looks different for every employee.  This philosophy of abundance allows us to find and hire the best people. People that are loyal and always do their best.  People that are not in it for a paycheck.  Isn’t that who you want doing your inspection. 


Rob and Michelle the owners of ProTec Inspection Services also serve as business coaches and mentors to companies throughout North America. 

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