Finding Residential Mold

A common concern for our homeowners and home buyers here at ProTec Inspection Services is indoor mold. This concern is legitimate and shouldn’t be ignored. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), molds contain allergens and irritants that can affect the health of anyone in that home. Therefore, you want to be diligent about avoiding or getting rid of indoor molds.

Locating Mold

Some molds you can see on walls where water damage might have been or in moist places that have not been properly cleaned (like a shower) or that have a leak (like under the kitchen sink). You can also often smell mold—that mildewy, musty smell is hard to miss. However, other molds can go undetected. A few common areas that our team here at ProTec Inspection Services recommends that you check visibly include:

  • Basements (or other low-lying areas that may have had flooding in the past)
  • Crawl space
  • Near water sources (under cabinets, near tubs and showers, etc.)
  • Attic
  • Anywhere in the home that tends to have more moisture in the air

If mold is visible, you don’t need to get mold testing to know that you have an issue. We recommend that you go ahead and call a mold remediation expert to get cleanup started.

Mold Testing

However, if no mold is visible and you still suspect it or just want to have peace of mind, then schedule a mold inspection. During mold testing, our inspectors will carefully inspect your home and take air and./or swab samples that will be lab-tested. Once we receive the results, we’ll communicate them to you and suggest areas for remediation.

Mold isn’t fun, but it can be fought. To wipe away your mold concerns, contact ProTec Inspection Services today at (301) 972-8531. Our team serves the areas in and around Washington, D.C., including Montgomery County, MD, and Fairfax County, VA. We’ll tell you more about your mold testing options and get you on the schedule. You can get mold testing as a stand-alone specialty service or add it to a home inspection—the choice is yours. 



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