When buying or selling a property you don’t want to get all the way to closing to discover a deal-breaking issue with its condition. ProTec Inspection Services provides comprehensive home inspections and commercial property evaluations.

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Let us help provide the necessary information to ensure you are making a wise decision before you commit. For added security, consider supplementing your assessment with our specialty inspections targeting radon, mold, termite, pools, and more. Contact us at (301) 972-8531 to schedule a detailed evaluation.

Our Environmental Assessment Options

Worried about the well-being of your property? Rest assured your investment is sound and secure with screening and testing for the following possible concerns:

Radon Testing

Washington DC Home Inspections Radon Protection
80% of our customers include radon testing with their residential or commercial inspection. Ensure that your property is not at risk from this unseen danger with a test by our NRSB Certified Radon Technicians and Specialists.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the radon testing law now in effect for Montgomery County, MD. ProTec’s staff and radon testing devices meet the requirements of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

Click here to learn more about the effects of radon gas exposure and how to detect it.

Mold & Moisture Services

Washington DC Home Inspections Mold Free
Prolonged exposure to mold can be dangerous, especially for those with allergies. Our certified microbial contamination technicians can help identify what you’re up against and give advice on how to remedy the situation. Discuss your concerns with our scheduling team or the inspector on site, and we will recommend the service that best fits your needs.

Click Here to determine which type of mold service is right for you.

Termite Inspections
Termite Inspections in Washington DC
Washington DC Home Inspections Termite Protection

Companies that provide treatments for termites have an added incentive to “find” termites so that treatment will be required. At ProTec, we do not benefit from up-selling you a service to remove these wood-destroying-insects, rest assured, we will call it like we see it. Termite inspections are an add-on option for all full home inspections.

Pool Inspections

Our comprehensive pool report is the best in the industry. We will not only assess the condition of the pool, but will give you the important information necessary to take care of your pool moving forward. Click here to see a sample pool report.

Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection before you purchase the home will help ensure that the main sewer line is free of problems that can cause headaches after you move in. Protect your investment and avoid expensive repairs!

What is a sewer camera inspection?

  • The inspector inserts a flexible rod with a high resolution camera, 100 feet into your main sewer line.
  • Real-time image transmission allows the inspector to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems.

Why do I need a sewer camera inspection?

  • Water back-up inside the house
  • Large trees in yard
  • Significant soil settlement
  • Clay sewer pipes
  • Drop in sidewalk
  • 30+ year old house

What types of problems will the camera identify?

  • Tree Roots – Gaps in piping allow tree roots to enter the sewer line. As the roots grow, the pipe can crack and break.
  • Low Areas – Low areas collect water and solid waste, causing poor flow through the pipe.
  • Debris – Items become lodged in the sewer line, preventing the flow of waste through the pipe.
  • Offsets – Sections in the piping can separate, causing an offset in the piping. Solid waste may not clear this offset, and waste water will seep into the surrounding soil, causing further settlement and eventual breakdown of the piping.
  • Pipe Collapse – Significant soil settlement around an offset or low area, can cause complete pipe collapse.
Infrared Scans

In addition to ProTec’s environmental inspections, infrared scans offer a way to observe things that cannot be detected with the naked eye. In case any findings during the home inspection need investigating further, all ProTec inspectors are equipped with an infrared camera.

When will my inspector use an infrared camera?

  • Checking below kitchens and bathrooms for leaks after testing fixtures and appliances
  • Scanning the main electric panel for overheating breakers or wires
  • Looking at the upper level ceilings for roof leakage
  • Checking the basement for water leakage
  • Evaluating the unknown source of leaks from walls or plumbing
  • Locating missing insulation
  • Detecting air leaks

A scan is a great launching point to discover ways to increase efficiency in your home. Call today to schedule your infrared scan!

Lawn Irrigation System

We offer sprinkler system inspections for an additional fee during the months of April-October (or when the sprinklers are in the “On” position during the inspection and it isn’t too cold).

We turn on each sprinkler zone manually using the control panel and then check for leaks, sprinklers not functioning properly, and sprinklers that may be spraying the house or not covering areas of the lawn.

Protecting Investments Since 1986

Since 1986, ProTec has been an industry leader in residential, commercial, and specialty inspections. Browse our full list of services, helpful resources, and customer reviews to learn more and see why you should choose ProTec. If you have additional questions, or would like to schedule an inspection, call us at (301) 972-8531 — we would love to hear from you.

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